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We are your interface for international partnerships with European and African Higher Education institution partners

There are many reasons why engaging with Africa and other ODA country partners gives a distinct advantage. By 2050, Africa's population will reach 2.4 billion, of which more than 50% will live in cities. The continent has the fastest growing youth population than any other continent in the world, with a vast formalizing economy.  These trends and other developments are driving the growth of a large consumer market for enterprise growth, and innovation generation. 


Also, the nature of challenges facing Africa (new forms of disease, poverty, urbanisation, global warming, energy, food security, etc) now demands that Africa seeks development models that work for it.


At Seedgap, we work with global partners to accelerate research, innovation, and enterprise partnerships with Africa and other ODA countries. We bring both country specific knowledge, and global-reach expertise, giving our partners whole lot of confidence, and trust needed to navigate these markets. Currently our focus are in Research Partnerships, Entrepreneurship, and Student Recruitment.

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