Innovative infrastructure solutions for rural Africa 

It’s a paradox that Africa is poor, despite an abundance of natural resource wealth. It's even more astounding that about 70% of Africa’s very poor live in rural areas, where over 75% of Africa’s natural resource wealth is deposited.

At Seedgap, our imperative is a production-oriented rural economic development model that creates vibrant and sustainable rural economies. We believe that rural Africa holds the engine for Africa’s development, growth and competitiveness. However, current economic development strategies, particularly in Africa, pay less attention to the rural economy. It is almost a historical neglect. The result is increased rural-urban drift and an Africa whose wealth is not benefiting its citizens.

Our RuralGrow project is an innovative infrastructure initiative that provides support for sustainable enterprise in rural communities, offering digital access, low-carbon energy, and rural market upgrade solutions. All together it is a streamlined system of capacity delivery for rural communities. 


Each aspect of RuralGrow brings global, multi stakeholder partners to work together in a complex delivery system. 

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